Speak with one of our dedicated Advisers to see how we can provide a customized plan to help you preserve your wealth and legacy for years to come. 

Wealth & Legacy Managment Services



Retirement Planning

Whether you are thinking about retiring or already retired, having a financial plan is essential. 


Our experts advisers specialize in creating customized retirement plans that aim to: 

-create passive income that can last your life with a Fixed-Index Annuity. 

-minimize income tax on investments

-maximize income from social programs such as Social Security and Medicaid.




Legacy Planning

You have worked your entire life for this, and we are ready to help you pass on your legacy. Our Legacy & Wealth Planner will work closely with you, and your family to create a financial legacy that will last for generations. 


A Legacy & Wealth Planner, and Lawyer at Senior Care can help you create a strategy towards:


-Evaluating the best way to pass on your wealth (using a will or trust)

-Reducing Tax to your Heirs as the wealth is passed on to the next generation.

-Sustainable wealth for the next generation using stipulations and plans for the distribution of their inheritance.

-Increasing the size of your estate as it exchanges hands to the next generation. 

-Ensuring wealth stays in the family, protecting Inheritance from third parties (such as in the case of a divorce) 

-Helping each family member understand their Legacy role. 





Asset Preservation

At Senior Care of Michigan we take this topic very seriously. Think of all the work that you've done in your lifetime to get to your financial position.. It important to ensure that hard work is not in vain. Protecting your assets in this financial enviroment is key as approach retirement age. 


Medicaid spend down, assisted living/nursing costs,  and uncovered medical expenses are just a few of the potential situations we protect our clients from. 


Working with an Asset Preservation Expert, and Lawyer at Senior Care of Michigan can:


-Help you use Medicaid Spend down to your advantage. 

-Reposition at risk assets in legal ways to avoid Medicaid Spend down

-Help you create Medicaid Qualifying Trusts at little cost

-Maximize Social Security Benefits

-Position your wealth in a way that it can be passed down to the next generation.

-Avoid Probate





Repositioning Assets for Medicaid Qualification

Qualifying for Medicaid is important because it allows you to preserve your assets and cash for other things. As you know, only some can qualify for Medicaid. Medicaid has many financial qualifications as often times seniors are forced to spend their entire life savings before they Qualify for Medicaid. 


A Senior Care Adviser will help you: 


-Reposition your assets & income so that you will qualify for Medicaid. 

-Introduce you to legal ways spend down for Medicaid (that may increase your net worth while still qualifying for Medicaid)